Frequently Asked Questions (Total 14)

1. When does the registration start?

Registration starts on 1st April 2022 and will close on 30th April 2022. You can register through

2. Is there any fee for this challenge?

Your contribution is optional.

If you are willing to contribute, you may choose the option. If you don't want to, opt for the free option. The contribution options are US$15 / US$20 / US$30. You may pay by Debit Card / Credit Card / PayPal / PayNow through secured payment plugin in the registration form.

3. When does the challenge start? Can I begin whenever I want?

The Challenge starts on 1st May 2022, and will finish on 30th May 2022.  

4. Can I start and stop during the challenge?

The Challenge would be considered completed when you start on 1st May and finish on 30th May by meditating DAILY and submitting the report DAILY. If you start & stop in between, its OK but you will not be able to complete the 30-days challenge.

5. Will you teach me how to Meditate?

Yes. We have scheduled the Meditation Teaching for you

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  • In Singapore on April 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th, 30th of 2022 @9am & @5pm SGT (GMT + 8) // @6:30am & @2:30pm IST using Zoom ID: 383310813 (no password required)


  • In USA on April 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th, 30th of 2022 @1pm EST using GOTO Meeting ID: 444999013 (get password by contacting at


  • In Canada on April 10th, 17th, 24th of 2022 @9am Canada Time (GMT - 4) using Zoom ID: 9059080152 (password 222222)


  • In Europe on April 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th, 30th of 2022 @10am CET using Zoom ID: 9365816928 (password 12345)



  • In UAE on April 10th, 17th, 24th of 2022 @4:30pm UAE Time (GMT + 4) using Zoom ID: 8751619805 (password VYME2021)


  • In Africa on April 5th, 6th, 8th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 19th, 20th, 22nd, 26th, 27th, 28th of 2022 @5:30am Africa Time (GMT + 3) using Zoom ID: 86804522403 (password 113103)

6. How will I access the online meditation practice classes?

PRACTICE with us on any of the following scheduled ONLINE sessions

30-minutes each.

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Singapore - on (click) Zoom ID: 383310813

  • Mon-Fri @6am, @7am, @12noon, @7pm, @8pm, @10pm SGT (GMT + 8) (IST + 2.5)
  • Sat-Sun @8am, @9am, @12noon, @7pm, @8pm, @ 10pm SGT (GMT + 8) (IST + 2.5)


USA on GOTO Meeting ID 444999013 (get password by contacting at

  • Everyday @7am & @7pm EST


Canada on (click) Zoom ID: 9059080152 (password 222222)

  • Everyday @6:30am & @6:30pm Canada Time (GMT - 4)


Europe on (click) Zoom ID: 9365816928 (password 12345) (Contact-

  • Everyday @8pm CET


Bahrain on Zoom ID: 2858439147 (request password at

  • Sun-Thu @6am, @8am, @7pm, @8pm, BHT (GMT + 3)
  • Fri-Sat @7am, @8:30am, @7pm, @8pm BHT (GMT + 3)


Oman on Google Meet: Everyday@9:00pm Oman Time (GMT +4)


UAE on  Zoom ID: 7039883730 (password 2004) Everyday @5am UAE Time (GMT + 4)


East Africa on ZOOM ID: 87442429477 (password 483287) - Every THURSDAY @5:15am East Africa Time ( GMT +3)


South Africa on ZOOM ID: 81341091376 (Passcode: 675999) - Every SUNDAY @8am East Africa Time (GMT + 3) / @7am South Africa time (GMT+ 2)


Mauritius on Google Meet:  Every SATURDAY @5am Mauritius Time (GMT+ 4)

7. How do I submit my report of a day?

You will receive the Google Form link to submit the daily report in your email immediately you register for the challenge. 

Everyday, we will remind in the WhatsApp / Telegram groups to submit the report. Hence, please join the group as per instructions in the registration email sent. 

8. How many online meditation classes can I join?

As many as you can every day. However, to complete the challenge, you need minimum 1 time meditation practice. You may practice on your own as well. BUT you must report daily!

9. What if I miss a day to Meditate? Is there any SCORE?


With every miss you will lose your SCORE, and you will not be able to complete 30-days challenge!

Once meditated, submit the report using a Daily Report Submission Google Form (please check your registration email for the Google Form Link). 

  1. If you practice Meditation at least once a day & submit the report for all 30 days, you will complete the Challenge!
  2. Score Card will be prepared based on your daily report submission
  3. 1 point per day for your 1st Meditation | Earn additional 0.5 point for your 2nd meditation (in other Time Bracket than your 1st meditation) on your Same Day. No additional point for 3 or more meditation in a day. 
  4. The Time Brackets (as per your local time) are 3am-6am; 6am-10am; 10am-4pm; 4pm-7pm; 7pm-10pm, 10pm-3am
  5. Earn additional 3 points for every 10-days consecutive meditation without any gaps. That means, if you complete 30-days, you will earn 9 points (3 points for each 10-days) for making it consecutive. Similarly, if you meditate 2 times 10-days consecutive, your earned points will be 6.


You may Meditate on your own. Or you may koin our plentyful online practice sessions in various countries. You may join any of these as per your convenience to meditate daily. But don’t forget to submit the REPORT.

10. I tend to jump into things, and then not finish them. How can I be sure I'll make it through the four weeks?

The best part about doing this challenge is the accountability and inspiration we give you to keep you on-track. When you set your goals for the challenge, we'll hold you accountable to sticking with it through regular reminder and motivation. We'll give you virtual check-ins via email and send you daily inspiration in the WhatsApp / Telegram group.

11. What happens if I sign up, and then realize it's not right for me? Do you give refunds?

We don’t want to keep your fees unnecessarily. But automatic refund would not be possible. You will have to write to us at, and we will refund your fees. Please note that this would only e possible if you write to us by 10th May 2022. We will communicate with you for refund process once you approach us. 

12. What will I achieve after completing the challenge?

The Mediation Challenge has following objectives (but not limited to):

  • Learn Meditation
  • Create a habit of meditation practice
  • Achieve to stay calm in adverse conditions
  • Continue to practice with us on a regular basis after finishing the challenge
  • Correct your basis to experience the self-upliftment
  • E-certificates to all participants with a Score
  • Opportunity to attend multiple Talks & Discussion on Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, etc.

13. How will I receive the certificate?

The challenge would complete on 30th May 2022. You will receive your certificate with your Score via email by 1st June 2022.

14. I have other questions!

Great! Just email us at and we'll answer you right away.

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What is Meditation Challenge?

You challenge yourself to get engaged in this programme to be benefited from regular practice of Meditation. 

  • Starts on 1st May 2022

  • Ends on 30th May 2022

  • Pre-registration required, starts from 1st April 2022

  • Meditate anytime & then submit the report, daily for 30-days 

  • Worldwide participants  

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What Is In It For Me?
  • Learn a unique meditation
  • Change in habit in your daily life to make it stress-free
  • Control the uncontrolled Mind 
  • Continue daily meditation practice after finishing the challenge
  • E-certificates, Prizes
  • Talks, Discussion, Yoga session, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Fitness, Sanskrit, Gita, Painting, etc.
  • Daily Tips on Meditation
  • Inner peace

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