When you do what you must do, what you do appears to be difficult: trying to sway you somewhere not worthy of you just to itself acknowledge that ‘all that is not true to your highest self’ is not what you are meant for.

Surrendering all emotions to become an observer, a separate entity to see the emotions flow through—'never become the emotions' is the first step towards finding your true self.

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Vihangam Yoga Singapore is an independent & autonomous body registered organization. We are dedicated to serving the society for mental & spiritual upliftment so that every individual can have a balanced, stress-free, peaceful, happy life. We specialized in Meditation techniques, regular practice of which empowers anyone by shifting his/her current base to a higher one. During the COVID period, we served society by conducting 1,500+ meditation sessions. We don't differentiate on the basis of race & religion. All humans are the same! 

Surrender to the higher design in the making of you. Being 'taken over' by some higher power is pure acceptance of ‘what is’, which is pure bliss in the midst of all chaos.

An inscribed doctrine is the faith in the values of humanity; the sanctity of which is undeterred not by the faith in humanity but by perseverance in the values of humanity.

Pleasure is usually impulsive where waves of emotion overlap, one after the other. Pain usually follows the same pattern as pleasure, ‘the result of undisciplined dispositions’.


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Quotes (by Naamdeo ji)

Life, as it is, is the reservoir of all kinds of experiences. Just be there to feel the beat of life, never to overwhelm YOURSELF.

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