The Encyclopedia of Spirituality

Composed by Himalaya Yogi Sadguru Sadafaldeo ji Maharaj

Swarved” is the most profound spiritual text available today. It is written by the great Himalaya Yogi and the pioneer of Vihangam Yoga, Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj in the Himalayan caves in a state of Yoga Samadhi, i.e. oneness with the Supreme Soul.

Swarved is the expression of actual experiences at the highest stage of Yoga. Written in the form of simple couplets in Hindi language, it is a profound collection of spiritual secrets unveiled. It is not written out some other reference books or some intellectual exercise but the first hand knowledge that descends from the Divine.

The purport of this noble Treatise was written by the first successor Sadguru DharmChandra Deo Ji Maharaj.


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